“More than a Face and Body Beauty Line , a Sensorial Journey into Southern France”

Springwater Sprays from Languedoc & Traditional Provence Beauty Products

Perfumes, colors and ACTIVES from South of France.


A secret source discovered at the Heart of Occitanie

The most balanced pH for your skin, unparalleled benefits.


Escape to France thanks to the Fragrances and Colors of Secrets d'Occitanie

Traditional solid soap, the mirror of the beauty of occitanie

Let your senses wander for a natural feeling of well-being.


The Secrets of Occitania

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Beautiful Encounters...

An encounter with the water and the earth...but also a meeting with the other end of the Earth.

Throughout the whole French history, the Southern part has always been famous for developing its own culture, an exceptional array of Legends, in one word: the paradise on Earth that has been praised by singers of the old times and poets of today.

This is where the real wealth of Occitanie lays, the area that used to speak the language of Oc, synonymous with sunshine and good life. Beyond the current Province of Languedoc, which has taken its name administratively, the culturally rich Occitania, the Province of legends, covers the entire southern half of our nation - except the Basque Country. These are the secrets of this territory, its culture, the benefits of its sources at the service of good living.

In the heart of the country of OC, in the black mountains formerly inhabited by the Cathars, these men in love with purity whose masters were called “The Perfects”, in these countries where fairies were fighting against fantastic animals, springs a source that we rediscovered. Extremely pure, an ideal pH of 5.5 for the skin; Occitanie revealed her first secret... This is how the brand Secrets d'Occitanie was born.

First recommended by pharmacists for its toning, soothing, refreshing properties, regular users have discovered new properties every day.

Another secret that Occitanie had hidden in her landscapes, a Chinese businesswoman visiting France has discovered it, falling in love with our products. Six months later, Secrets d'Occitanie's adventure starts in China. And this is how the Secrets D'Occitanie water mist becomes a must for Chinese women, with hundreds of bloggers presenting it on social networks. Secrets d’Occitanie creating a sensation... at the other end of the Earth.


Our Occitanian Water

Born in the Languedoc county

Typical colors of Occitanie

Typical colors of Occitanie

The wholesome water of Secrets d’Occitanie, sprung from the «Seven Peaks» mountains, in France, in the heart of Occitanie, a country famous worldwide for its legends, its sun and its lovingly conserved natural beauty.

The thousand-year-old secrets of the Peaks give birth to a spring that will do you good and bring you well-being, on any occasion, every day.

This springwater is a drinking water .

Provence is a favourite for holidays. Because of its landscapes, certainly, but also thanks to its way of life and age-old history. From Avignon to the Riviera, nature provides a wealth of colourful flowers, tasty fruit, healing plants and minerals.

The risks of overheating in the sun, or dehydration, made people here conscious of the need to protect their body, and thus the region developed a distinctive culture of body cosmetics. It is this culture that our range will bring to you.

A Lake next to our spring water source.

A Lake next to our spring water source.

Among all the springs of France, why is Secrets d’Occitanie’s water so special?

Not all sources have been discovered yet, but compared to other springwater sprays, it is a drinking water & it is the purest:

Le Soulié, the village where our source comes from.

Le Soulié, the village where our source comes from.

-It is non-calcareous

-It contains no nitrate

-It has a very small amount of bicarbonate

-One of the lightest waters in France

-With a total mineral content of 30 mg/liter.



Secrets d’Occitanie Water benefits from a slightly acidic pH, very close to the human skin pH ( human skin is around 5.5 PH) :

  • Secrets d’Occitanie Water pH: 5,7

  • AVENE Water pH : 7,5

  • EVIAN Water pH: 7,2

  • VICHY Water pH: 6,8

  • LA ROCHE POSAY Water pH: 7,0

Water Spring Sprays

A cultural phenomenon in all major cities, visible in the daily life of citizens.

The need for pureness, the need for water.

More than a companion, water is a sign of vitality, a contemporary gesture appreciated worldwide.

The spring water spray takes cares also from your baby’s skin.

100% pure, without preservative, hypoallergenic, this water is perfect for an hand or face express cleaning, taking care of the skin. Each spray brings more than hydration to his skin. It brings wellbeing and instant refreshment with a strict respect of his epidermis. It will be useful to get rid of all the smallest impurities after diaper change with cleansing milk, or can be used for a pure water cleansing as it is nowadays recommended. Water has been sprayed on baby’s eyes or mouth? No problem, its purity makes it 100% safe for your baby because it is a drinking springwater !

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French Mountain Springwater Spray, 300ml, Made in France.

· 100% pure spring water with a pH of 5.7 closest to that of the skin (pH = 5.5)
Preservative and fragrance free, hypoallergenic: excellent tolerance, suitable for all skin types even the sensitive skin of babies.

100% MADE IN FRANCE, spring located in the Haut Languedoc at a 1000m altitude.

Minerals: 30mg/L. One of the purest waters of the French soil.
Moisturises, refreshes, tones and brightens the complexion throughout the day.
Fixes makeup and provides a feeling of comfort and softness.
- In the morning, before the beauty routine to tone and wake up your skin while avoiding tugging
- After the beauty routine to fix makeup
- To refresh at any time of the day
- In the evening, after cleansing (to remove impurities) and rinsing the skin .

Special Baby Care !

This water is ideal to hydrate Baby Skin, to refesh your baby during summer, and styles his hairs. The French mountain Springwater spray cleans up dirty baby skin, removes impurities after the toilet. It calms irritated and fragile skin !


Energizing French Mountain Springwater Spray +B5, 300ml, Made in France.

The spring water is enriched with glycerin and provitamin B5 for enhancing hydration, for soothing and for fighting against redness .

  • The energizing springwater spray is especially developed for deshydrated, irritated, sensitive and delicate skins.

  • Hypoallergenic and fragrance free with a neutral pH.

  • The Provitamin B5 strenghtens cellular activity and boosts the skin’s natural repairing process.

  • Provitamin B5 (1%) and glycerin(1%) acts in synergy to reinforce hydration.

  • Strengthens the protective barrier of the skin and improves its elasticity .

  • Perfect to relax tense skin during temperature changes and facing the cold of winter

  • Uses:
    - In the morning, before the beauty routine to soothe, tone and wake up your skin while avoiding tugging.
    - After the beauty routine, to fix makeup.
    - To refresh and hydrate the skin at any time of the day.
    - In the evening, after cleansing (to remove impurities) and rinsing the skin .


The Authentic and Delicate Rose Soap, 250g, Made in France.

This natural perfumed soap made in Occitanie with the finest ingredients is the perfect gift for your friends …and yourself. Everybody enjoys its delicate and long lasting perfume; Rose is in the air !

  • Carved soap, with original flower design , made in Provence

  • 95% natural ingredients (no mineral oil or ingredients of animal origin)

  • Enriched with finest French olive oil (Designation Of Origin ) and rose floral water -

  • Natural and delicate perfume of rose, taylor created by the perfumers of Grasse

  • Suitable for daily use on the face, body and hands

  • Cleans gently and without drying the skin for a feeling of well-being

Discover our springwater through a walk in and a flight over Occitanie.

 See our products in the landscapes of Occitanie and treasured in the hands of our fans all over Asia.

The story goes on…


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